Mr Music Mensah (July 17, 1978) born Lawerence Mensah, is a Ghanaian born US-based, gospel musician, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for leading urban contemporary gospel songs.

Mr Music Mensah had interest in music right from childhood, as at age, 17. Throughout the year, he grew through the ranks, perfecting his vocal skills and now he plays on one of the world’s largest stages.

Mr Music Mensah is a dedicated member of the Ghana gospel music fraternity, this great artist was raised, tutored, and mentored by his grandma, whom he holds in exceeding great esteem.

His grandmother inspired him to do what he is doing today. He never dreamt of Singing. He always wanted to be an engineer. He just found himself doing music because his grandmother sings as well. He had earlier worked with other Gospel artists.


His debut single Kokroko was released in 2008. It distributed by GetRich Music Inc.
He rose to fame by Divine or should we say he was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing as expected of him. Today he has numerous hit songs that have continued to enjoy massive airplay in churches and beyond Ghana. Some of his songs include, Great God, 30 Billion, You are God, Everybody, Kokroko and much more. He is a role model and inspiration to the youths.

The multi-talented artist and motivational speaker have been celebrated for revolutionalizing Ghana Gospel Music, introducing a new and exciting twist, with his new blend of highlife, fused with a little hip-hop.

He has also been performing within and outside Ghana ever since his music got into the limelight.

The singer is said to have a collabo with gospel music legends.

As a teenager, Mr Music Mensah became a born-again Christian. He began singing at a very young age and joined the choir at his local Pentecostal Church in Nkwakwa, Ghana.

Mr Music Mensah completed his second cycle education at modern college of commerce, Nkwakwa, Ghana.